Verfasst von | in Cape Town

3rd day in the sunshine, a lazy one :-)
Quincy (the owners dog) having a sunbathe in the morning at my terrace.

I am still „hunting“ a bicycle, checked also private offers on and
Most of the renting offers are quite expensive- it’s cheaper to rent a car :-(
But there is one shop I am going to see tomorrow,
I phoned them and it seems they have a proper bike with handbrakes for 150 Rand/day, what means about 9€.
Meanwhile I got obsessed with it… I WANT A BIKE :-)

I took a walk to the Pool to meet Eric today, some impressions on the way…
IMGP5528 IMGP5526 IMGP5523something funny happened at the entrance to the pool, a crowd of people waiting to go in, doors were closed…
When I asked what is going on I was told they are counting the entrance fees and because of security reasons we will have to wait till it’s done. After 10 minutes people started knocking to see how much longer it will take. The answer was: „Soon, soon“ :-)
Nothing happened… after 15 minutes the doors opened and we were told „you can pay when you leave…“
I even tried to do that… nobody at the counter.
Things are done differently here :-)
Coming home I had a relaxing bath with a funny egg …
On the package it says „place in a warm bath and watch me fizz“, I watched :-)
In the evening Sylvia, Eric and me met for dinner in a nice italian Restaurant round the corner. It does not look fancy, the menue is not fancy, but dinner was great!
Bella Italia,
I really don’t understand some of the bad reviews, I will send a good one :-)

At last something funny about left side traffic…
I bumped already two times into the glass doors of my terrace when I had just candlelight … The LEFT side is open, not the right one! Now I marked it :-)