Cape Town 15.2.


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Finally I have a bicycle!
Now I am independant from timetables and able to stop when I see something interesting… The traffic is a bit scary, but when I feel not so secure I just drive on the pavement :-)
I looked for offline apps to have maps and public transport informations, because just some short roaming activation for seeing a public transport timetable got me the warning message „your roaming fee is already 59.90€, sent a message if you would like to continue, otherwise it’s blocked“, well, thanks- no!
Today I bought a prepaid local SIM card, makes things easier…. :-)
If you want to send me a message that is the phone number  I am using till the 23.2. : +27 76 6458377 provides you with all the public transport informations, great webside, but you have to be online. The offline option is to call a special service number *120*1040#, but it seems not work for european mobile phones. …

cape-town-map-and-walks works offline very well!

I use my credid card only when I am shopping online … so I did not realize the signature is not enough anymore for  „life shopping“ …the PIN is necessary.
Had to leave a beautiful dress behind, but I’ll get it tomorrow :-)

Had enough cash for my dose of beautiful new Carrol Boyes objects :-)

The small figure is for artificial sweeteners, so much nicer then a plastic box :-)
At last some impressions from the two milongas I have visited so far:
Spin Street:

and the open air Milonga at the promenade:

back home now from our first lesson, leaders and followers seperately and a Practica.
Don’t know about the leaders, :-) but followers you were doing very well!
Looking forward to see you tomorrow!