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I am back in the wonderful city of Cape Town and I would like to share some of my experiences and impressions …
I arrived yesterday morning after a 14 hour nightflight. Well, for me the non existing jetlag is not really helpful- I can never sleep on a plane….
I had prebooked a taxi that brought me fast and cheap to my airbnb holiday home.
The taxidriver was very sweet, but talking all the time. I understood half of it, he had a funny accent and I was sooo tired…

It is a really beautiful place, the internet is a bit slow….but Quincy, the nice little dog of the owners is really enjoyable :-) I hope he is ok, I did not think about he will eat all the choclate I left on the table when I went out …

The sun was shining too bright- sleeping was no option-I had to go out!
I rented a bike and drove to Camps bay, wonderful oceanviews…
Camps-Bay-Cape-Town-South-AfricaCape town is not really bike friendly, people use bikes just for sport activities, not for getting arround in the town, but it starts to change:

I spent some time today to find a cheap long term bike rental, but that does not exist yet. I think I am going to buy a simple bike tomorrow, that’s cheaper than renting one.

Last times I was here I rented a car together with Eric who is ok to drive on the „wrong“ side of the road. I drove in England, but I don’t feel comfortable driving here. With a bike I can always stop, walk, or even drive on the pavement ( not allowed of course ! :-) )

I tried to get to the bike shop by bus, first time using public transport…
Well, I did not read all the information properly… you can’t get a ticket in the bus, you have to buy a rechargeable card first. So I walked…and walked and walked, it was just 3 km….
IMGP5505 Kopie
Anyway it was nice…IMGP5510
I saw a very funny tree and beautiful flowersIMGP5509 Kopie

IMGP5508 KopieAt least I found an office for bus tickets at the waterfront and of course I went for my favourite shop there, just to have a look… :-)

AND for fantastic Sushi:

IMGP5515 Kopie IMGP5516 Kopie









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