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Verfasst von | in Cape Town

I am ok with long journeys… I need to get out of european winter…
Unfortunately I can’t sleep on a plane or a car, I need a horizantal position to sleep…
Only once I had the chance for an affordable update to business class, my god… what a difference, you arrive fresh and relaxed… you don’t have to squeeze your dress in a compartment, a stewardess is showing up to HANG it up for you, your seat offers all sorts of different positions, most important FLAT, good wines, nice snacks and meals when ever you want them,  but that will not repeat, I am afraid…

Drinking alkohol does not help, it wakes me up… maybe I should look for some sleeping pills next time….
My flight back  this time was with Condor. Stop overs in Windhoek and Frankfurt.
The only flight I could get for a reasonable price to be back in time for the Tango-Lab…Condor offers a very bad online service, you can’t book your seats in advance.
I showed up on capetown airport very early, hoping to get a seat at the emergency exit… a bit more space…
After some fight at the check in I got the reservation.
Next stop Windhoek. A very nice cool Lady was waiting for the transit passengers.
She told me I have to pay extra for the seat- I said: no problem…she had to do her job!
We both thought that 85 € is quite a lot of money for a seat at an emergency exit, well including the change fees it was 100 €- keep that in mind when you book Condor!
(The ask you even 8 € if you want to see a movie… The meals… well, if you are very hungry you eat it…)

She was so sweet,  took very good care of me, taking me to the best exchange counter and when I said, I think I need a cigarette now… she said ok, I take care of the other passengers now- go out,  I will find you.. and bring you back through security.

Arriving at the gate people asked me, don’t you miss your jacket? Oh… yes, shit it was so  hot, that I did not wait to get my warm leather jacket at the security check.
A security guy whad been walking arround asking to whom it belongs, but I have been outside….
My fellow passengers took care of it. They were germans, but they reacted very differently  like we would react here… the virus of  friendly african behaviour  was still going strong :-)

Later I met the nice Lady at  boarding and she HUGGED me for good bye…
Did it ever happen to you a cool flight mangager hugged you? That hug was worth the trouble with the stop over!

The magic phrase I met all the time was “ hello, how are you“, with a lovely open smile- I will try not to forget and to import it to germany!
I did it already entering the taxi at berlin airport and the guy helped me to bring my luggage to the 5th foor! Of course I gave him a good tip!

I was lucky to live in a wonderful airbnb apartment in CT,  thank you Vicky. And it was wonderful to meet new and old friends.
Next year full february:  Cape Town!

If you want to join in februaray 2017 and take part in Eric & Ines Workshops drop me a line,  I will keep you updated!

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My friend Sigrid and me wanted to do the zip-line adventure….
The first adventure was how to get there…. the information at the website is not very clear…
To make it easier for you, some pictures:
IMGP5814If you don’t have a car, you take the blue line „hop on and off“ tourist bus, that’s much cheaper as a taxi and these tourist busses are very nice anyway.





When we arrived at the station „Constantia“ there was no sign- nothing… but a very friendly guy at the busstation who did his best to find out where we have to go.
We were told just to walk 10 Minutes  till „Silvermist“ there it is….



Arriving there, it looked like a private property, no sign of „zip-line“.. the sliding metal entrance gate opened when a car drove out and we decided, well, let’s go in!
We felt a bit strange when the gate closed behind us and I almost expected some watchdogs might appear…
We kept walking…. it’s a quite big area…
At some point a  barrier with guards came into our view. We explained where we wanted to go. The guy stopped a car with two german girls and asked them to bring us there…. it would be just on their way… eh well… something like that happens in Southafrica…
Finally we arrived, the girls went on for having lunch at la colombe what seems to be a very good restaurant.
zipline1Then everything went very quickly- within five minutes we found ourselves equipped with harnesses and helmets and getting in an old jeep.
Unfortunately I was asked to leave my backpack with my camera, but now I can tell you a small back pack is no problem to take!
Sigrid and me were a bit nervouse…  but the guides were very friendly and explained everything very well. After the first slide we understood it’s really not a big deal, easy to do for everybody!
We really had fun, specially the tandem slides were fun. I guess they ask you do that for getting more speed at the long slides… ? you hardly have to slowdown yourself there.
A Video:

If you want to have a look at your pictures taken at the tour, they are not on their website !!
Look at fb:

Next time I will definitely try the tandem paragliding!


Cape Town 16.2.


Verfasst von | in Cape Town

What a stormy day! But we found a nice place to stay: the Shimmy beach club.
It’s at the very end of the South Arm Road, V&A Waterfront, but better don’t walk there like we did… it’s not very pleasant and lakes looong. A Taxi from Busstation waterfront is just 50 Rand.
We had nice cocktails and some yummy food. In the evenings it’s for sure a very busy place, but during the day it was nice and quiet.
_IGP5775 _IGP5779 IMGP5785 _IGP5773 _IGP5772 _IGP5771 _IGP5762 we were so deeply relaxed, that we had tu hurry to get home for a shower and get ready for the lessons :-)
Lovely to meet the Tango crowd in the evening again:
_IGP5799 _IGP5804 _IGP5805 _IGP5797 _IGP5795 _IGP5793 _IGP5792






















































































Cape Town 15.2.


Verfasst von | in Cape Town

Finally I have a bicycle!
Now I am independant from timetables and able to stop when I see something interesting… The traffic is a bit scary, but when I feel not so secure I just drive on the pavement :-)
I looked for offline apps to have maps and public transport informations, because just some short roaming activation for seeing a public transport timetable got me the warning message „your roaming fee is already 59.90€, sent a message if you would like to continue, otherwise it’s blocked“, well, thanks- no!
Today I bought a prepaid local SIM card, makes things easier…. :-)
If you want to send me a message that is the phone number  I am using till the 23.2. : +27 76 6458377 provides you with all the public transport informations, great webside, but you have to be online. The offline option is to call a special service number *120*1040#, but it seems not work for european mobile phones. …

cape-town-map-and-walks works offline very well!

I use my credid card only when I am shopping online … so I did not realize the signature is not enough anymore for  „life shopping“ …the PIN is necessary.
Had to leave a beautiful dress behind, but I’ll get it tomorrow :-)

Had enough cash for my dose of beautiful new Carrol Boyes objects :-)

The small figure is for artificial sweeteners, so much nicer then a plastic box :-)
At last some impressions from the two milongas I have visited so far:
Spin Street:

and the open air Milonga at the promenade:

back home now from our first lesson, leaders and followers seperately and a Practica.
Don’t know about the leaders, :-) but followers you were doing very well!
Looking forward to see you tomorrow!

Verfasst von | in Cape Town

3rd day in the sunshine, a lazy one :-)
Quincy (the owners dog) having a sunbathe in the morning at my terrace.

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Verfasst von | in Cape Town

I am back in the wonderful city of Cape Town and I would like to share some of my experiences and impressions …
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