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five days of Istanbul went by much to fast…
It was just a first glimpse, so much more to discover!
The city is really a clash of cultures and you find a smile everywhere.
My reserved apartment did not work, but I decided to stay relaxed and everything turned out perfect. After the first visit to a milonga everything went well- I found a great, cheap place to stay, close to Taksim,  many Milongas in walking distance.
So I was walking up and down Istiklal and the steets arround several times per day- this street is incredible- in the night you have musicians every 50m. Some of them are really good!
Last night I could not manage to find the milonga, google maps showed  a wrong number, the little street was pretty empty, but there was a small bar and when I asked if somebody knows about tango arround here, one of the guys offered me help to find it.
I never felt unsafe for a second, even at 12 pm.
Well of course if you walk alone in the night, sometimes a clear NO, is necessary- but it always worked.
So much beautiful art to see, so many places full of history….
I did not take pictures of tango places, I just enjoyed to be there. A small festival was happening at the asian side, so the regular milongas were quite empty.
It would have been quite expensive to get there by taxi, and anyway- I wanted to see the regular milongas.
And I did enjoy them a lot, wonderful dances, nice people, great dancers with a lot of musicality and nice embraces!

I loved to listen to the language, the music… not to forget the great food!
I will come back- inşallah…
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Verfasst von | in Istanbul

Hi everybody,
finally I found a place to sleep tonight :-)

I love to stay at airbnb homes but this time it did not work out!
Well, this whole trip was much more complicated than usual. My creditcard was not working booking the flight, the first booked airbnb apartment should not have been listed any more…
But I did not give up .. and here I am- Istanbul! My first impressions just driving from the airport by taxi to town were nice… Maybe you already know I love flowers? The were a lot of beautiful french tulips planted near the road. You know these ones? They are wonderful, much bigger than usual tulips. I wish I could have stopped to take a picture…
I thought about prebooking a taxi, but the prices for that were crazy, more than double of the normal fare!
You get a transport from Atatürk airport to Taksim area for just 20 € !
Well, I arrived at the house… last night I was told I get the key at the reception. Reception? I thought I am renting a private apartment…
It seems many of the „apartments“ in Istanbul are just pension- or hotel rooms…
First of all the guy at the reception told me I have to pay cash! What?? It’s already payed if you book via airbnb.
It told me he does not even know Omar, the owner of  the airbnb account I booked, and where the payment went. The house would be his, not Omars…he called him though… and Omar said he has problems to receive the money and I should cancel the booking and pay cash. That is nonsense ! In this case you loose a lot of money!
The reception guy told me he has his own airbnb account and I should have booked via this one… how could one know??? Please be aware, I don’t know his account, but  never book something with the adress:
Emin Cami Sokak 11
Beyoğlu 34435 Istanbul
They are very unfriendly, the neighbourhood is messy and the place is quite dirty!

I decided to leave!

The airbnb customer hotline was very helpful and supportive- thank you Ann! When I told them what happened and that I really don’t feel good at that place I received the full payment back plus 40€ for a hotel room and 15€ for a Taxi, generouse!

Best thing I did was to preorder a mobile hotspot
It was already delivered to the apartment when I arrived. Forgetting again to deactivate the roaming costed already 60 €  ):-

So after all that trouble I took a Taxi to Taksim place, sat in the sun and checked hotel prices…

I found a nice one, midtown hotel, and so tonight is solved!

I enjoy to be here and I am getting ready for the milonga now :-)

I took a walk first and  was fascinated by the colourful sweets :-)
IMG_1973 IMG_1957 IMG_1971 IMG_1960















Then Milonga 333
nice place, very close to Taksim Square.
I had nice dances with Gökhan and he showed me the little nice hotel where he is staying,
very charming, for just 50 TL. Tomorrow I check in there!

Istanbul is so alive, even in the night the streets are full of people, I love it!

iyi geceler – Gute Nacht!