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well, first time on the island…
So I went to Harisson’s Cave, the Wildlife Reserve and on a Jeep Tour.

Harisson’s Cave IS beautiful, but I was not aware you can not do the walking tour without advanced booking, you can only do the „train tour“.
So well, I went on that… 60 BDS$ (€ 24).
You have to watch a ten minutes movie  (in very bad quality) how the island erased from the ocean. ( I read about that before…)
Then you take place in a train driving through the cave. The tour guide is forcing the people to applaude to the driver- ( for what?) comments like „get you cameras ready“ , „now we will all go whoooo“, very US style…
The staircase to walk up or down to the cave entrance is damaged, but there is another footpath, better use that one instead of waiting for the elevator.
Many places here seem to find it necessary to engage a musician who plays the steel pan, with a background music of popular pop songs- horrible!
You’ll find that here as well.
Don’t get me wrong, that music can be fantastic, but not that way!
So I took some pictures… beeing a good tourist…
Summary: don’t do it!

Wildlife Reserve
keep in mind the island is small, so of course the Wildlife Reserve is also not that big…
But it’s fun to be there to watch the feeding at 2 pm.
So for sure you are going to see the monkeys :-)
It’s devided in two parts- where the animals are fenced and a forest area.
When everybody is gone, you can take a walk in the forest and enjoy some peace. You get informations about trees and plants. I liked it!
At the end of my walk I had a chat with one guy working in the park. He gave me some grains and bananas and called „Charlie“ for me. So that impressive monkey sat right by me and took the food out of my hands.

Adults:  BDS$30.00
Children:  BDS$15.00
Opening Hours
Daily, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Summary: worth doing that!

Today I went on a Jeep Tour, it was very nice!
Mostly on the east cost, what is much more interesting!
Several Jeeps drive in a loose convoy. Funny enough in my jeep there were only locals! So there were some funny comments when we passed a parish where somebody grew up.
The tourguide, Ian, was very professional, asked our names in a very clever way- not all at once but every five to ten minutes he adressed another person with a question, so you felt really seen and cared of. Even I could remember some some names like that!

I was the first one for pick up and then we had two more stops to pick up some other guests. It was very nice he planned the tour that I was the first one to get off again, thank you!
The offrode driving was no problem, we were shaken, but we all laughed and had fun.
We were taken to a very beautiful point were you could overlook a wide part of the east coast, not possible to drive there without a jeep! That was as well the first refreshment stop and the rumpunch was very good!
In Bathsheba, we had half an hour to walk arround, then off to Little Bay- breathtaking beautiful!
I could have spend much more time here. It’s spectacular how the waves are braking at the shore.

Lunch at Sugar Cane hotel was ok and then we drove back via the westcoast.
One hotel following the next… well.. I really love the east coast!

US$98 Adult, US$65 Child

Summary : worth doing that! You get an impression and you can take a bus or rent a car to spend more time at a place you liked.