Cape Town 16.2.


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What a stormy day! But we found a nice place to stay: the Shimmy beach club.
It’s at the very end of the South Arm Road, V&A Waterfront, but better don’t walk there like we did… it’s not very pleasant and lakes looong. A Taxi from Busstation waterfront is just 50 Rand.
We had nice cocktails and some yummy food. In the evenings it’s for sure a very busy place, but during the day it was nice and quiet.
_IGP5775 _IGP5779 IMGP5785 _IGP5773 _IGP5772 _IGP5771 _IGP5762 we were so deeply relaxed, that we had tu hurry to get home for a shower and get ready for the lessons :-)
Lovely to meet the Tango crowd in the evening again:
_IGP5799 _IGP5804 _IGP5805 _IGP5797 _IGP5795 _IGP5793 _IGP5792