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My friend Sigrid and me wanted to do the zip-line adventure….
The first adventure was how to get there…. the information at the website is not very clear…
To make it easier for you, some pictures:
IMGP5814If you don’t have a car, you take the blue line „hop on and off“ tourist bus, that’s much cheaper as a taxi and these tourist busses are very nice anyway.





When we arrived at the station „Constantia“ there was no sign- nothing… but a very friendly guy at the busstation who did his best to find out where we have to go.
We were told just to walk 10 Minutes  till „Silvermist“ there it is….



Arriving there, it looked like a private property, no sign of „zip-line“.. the sliding metal entrance gate opened when a car drove out and we decided, well, let’s go in!
We felt a bit strange when the gate closed behind us and I almost expected some watchdogs might appear…
We kept walking…. it’s a quite big area…
At some point a  barrier with guards came into our view. We explained where we wanted to go. The guy stopped a car with two german girls and asked them to bring us there…. it would be just on their way… eh well… something like that happens in Southafrica…
Finally we arrived, the girls went on for having lunch at la colombe what seems to be a very good restaurant.
zipline1Then everything went very quickly- within five minutes we found ourselves equipped with harnesses and helmets and getting in an old jeep.
Unfortunately I was asked to leave my backpack with my camera, but now I can tell you a small back pack is no problem to take!
Sigrid and me were a bit nervouse…  but the guides were very friendly and explained everything very well. After the first slide we understood it’s really not a big deal, easy to do for everybody!
We really had fun, specially the tandem slides were fun. I guess they ask you do that for getting more speed at the long slides… ? you hardly have to slowdown yourself there.
A Video:

If you want to have a look at your pictures taken at the tour, they are not on their website !!
Look at fb:

Next time I will definitely try the tandem paragliding!


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