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five days of Istanbul went by much to fast…
It was just a first glimpse, so much more to discover!
The city is really a clash of cultures and you find a smile everywhere.
My reserved apartment did not work, but I decided to stay relaxed and everything turned out perfect. After the first visit to a milonga everything went well- I found a great, cheap place to stay, close to Taksim,  many Milongas in walking distance.
So I was walking up and down Istiklal and the steets arround several times per day- this street is incredible- in the night you have musicians every 50m. Some of them are really good!
Last night I could not manage to find the milonga, google maps showed  a wrong number, the little street was pretty empty, but there was a small bar and when I asked if somebody knows about tango arround here, one of the guys offered me help to find it.
I never felt unsafe for a second, even at 12 pm.
Well of course if you walk alone in the night, sometimes a clear NO, is necessary- but it always worked.
So much beautiful art to see, so many places full of history….
I did not take pictures of tango places, I just enjoyed to be there. A small festival was happening at the asian side, so the regular milongas were quite empty.
It would have been quite expensive to get there by taxi, and anyway- I wanted to see the regular milongas.
And I did enjoy them a lot, wonderful dances, nice people, great dancers with a lot of musicality and nice embraces!

I loved to listen to the language, the music… not to forget the great food!
I will come back- inşallah…
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