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When I sat in the garden of my guesthouse after sunset, I heared the sound of live music- not clear where this was coming from….
So off I went, of course walking, otherwise I would not have had a chance to locate the direction.
I walked about two miles, but it was difficult to locate the place where the sound was coming from.
So I asked a local who was somewhere on a narrow street with his van and he told me I should not walk here on my own at night, I would get robbed. But he would take me there.
There was another woman in the van, so I felt comfortable and jumped in.
The concert was great, unfortunately there had not been any announcement for it, so I arrived late.
The place was called Silver Hill and as far I could understand the speeches between the songs, it was about building a strong community of caribian black people on the islands, about their roots and culture. I guess it was connected to the independance day at the 30th of Nov.

Sorry, my english is really not good enough to understand the locals here sometimes.
Anyway, it was a lovely concert, great dancing performances on stage. When I asked somebody how to get back to Dover, a very friendly guy gave me a lift back home.
I guess the singer is well known, comments are very appriciated!


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